What triggers anxiety?

🌿 Too much stress
🌿 Repressed emotions
🌿 Negative self talk
🌿 Control Issues
🌿 Lack of boundaries
🌿 Perfectionism
🌿 People pleasing
🌿 Lack of sleep
🌿 Internalized conflict
🌿 Difficulty trusting God
🌿 Lack of empathy

“Why do I feel so anxious?” We ask ourselves this a lot.
The reality is, there isn’t just one thing that causes anxiety; there are always at least a few. Anxiety is cumulative.

It usually goes back to years of trying to control situations and people, not respecting your limits, repressing fear, anger, or other emotions, and not receiving sufficient empathy and soothing for emotional distress.

A great first step is to become aware of some of the things that are triggering your anxiety. Then you can begin taking steps in the opposite direction to help calm your anxiety.

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