Looking for a reputable and trusted psychiatrist to assist you in getting professional prescriptions in New York City can get quite difficult.

Even though your insurance agency might offer an extensive list of possible psychiatrists near you, you really don't know if they are appropriate for you as sometimes their location or accessibility isn’t generally suitable to you. Sometimes you do not feel satisfied with some psychiatrists. So it can get challenging to find the most competent psychiatrist for you in NYC.


How To Find a Psychiatrist in NYC

Without further to do now, we will discuss some important factors to keep in mind when finding a psychiatrist in NYC.


1. Referrals:

You may ask your family, close friends, or even your primary doctor, who may refer you to a well-reputed psychiatrist who they might already know. Not only would this ensure that you would find a psychiatrist for yourself, but it would also guarantee you get a psychiatrist who is good at what they do, since your loved ones already had positive past experiences with them.


2. Search online:

You can find many psychology organizations, nonprofits, and community services online. In this era where online businesses and e-commerce are at an all-time high, you might just find the right psychiatrist in New York City.


3. Check with your health insurance

If you do not find any suitable psychiatrists through referrals or through an online search, well, you still got your health insurance provider to see what types of mental health specialists and psychiatrists are available under health insurance plans.


Also, a few organizations offer low cost yet professionally prescribed medications for uninsured patients, as well as payment plans to help you cover the cost of prescriptions.


4. Other Alternatives For Uninsured Patients:


If you are unable to avail yourself of any of the options mentioned above, there are other alternatives as well.


Call or visit a health center, and find out if there are any plans available for uninsured patients.


Ask at an administration subsidized center whether they offer a compensation what-you-can alternative.


Call your nearby school/college psychiatry or the psychology research department and find out if they offer minimal expense or free mental administrations.


How To Choose The Right Psychiatrist In NYC:

Since we just discussed how to find a psychiatrist above, you may be wondering that’s it, well that’s not just it because finding a psychiatrist and choosing the right psychiatrist are two vastly different things. Once you’ve found a few psychiatrists in NYC, make a list and then handpick the one who seems to suit you the best.


According to your doctor's appraisal, finding, and reference, pick at least one specialists whose approach and strategies are generally fitting to your individual situation.


While picking a specialist, consider their past customer base, your own solace level, office area, and whatever you could factor into your treatment.


Do foundation research on specific psychiatrists who seem appropriate. Significant components to consider are schooling and preparing spaces of specialization, number of years, and experience. Furthermore, make sure to look into a psychiatrist's license and authorizing rules and practices as they can be assorted and can contrast essentially from one local area to another.


Trifecta Health:

However, if you still didn’t find a psychiatrist by any of the methods previously explained, look no further; we got you covered at Trifecta Health.


Located in the heart of Manhattan, Trifecta Health Center is dedicated to providing professionals in the area treatment for Depression, ADD/ADHD, Weight Management, and Substance Abuse. We know finding a psychiatrist is complex, and we’ve made it our mission to make it as easy as possible to help you get the help you need.


Trifecta Health Services:

At Trifecta Health, we ensure to give you the professional and certified medications that you might require. Following are some of the excellent services we provide:


- ADD and ADHD:


Managing ADD/ADHD is a monumental task, to help you, we have breakthrough TMS Therapy (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) available, in addition to other effective medications. You can take this ADHD Test Online to determine if an evaluation may be beneficial for you, and check out our information on Adult ADD/ADHD.


- Substance abuse:

Substance abuse is a constant battle and to help you fight it, we have treatments for opiate addiction using Suboxone. If you suffer from alcohol abuse, we also have Vivitrol treatments. We can work with you to find the proper treatment for you.


- Depression/anxiety:

Depression is a severe medical condition that can be hard to understand. At Trifecta Health, we have treatments using Ketamine and TMS Therapy for those who found other antidepressants haven’t worked.


- Weight management:

At Trifecta Health, we treat weight management problems as a multi-dimensional range of complex issues, using all tools available to us. This includes Lipotropic Vitamin Injections and new pharmacotherapy methods with medication that are breaking new ground.


How To Book An Appointment With Our Health Experts?

Not only are our services top quality, but also it’s incredibly easy to book an appointment with our health expert doctors. We have also explained the steps down below on how to book an appointment with our ADHD Doctor




- Step 1:

First, you would need to request an appointment with one of our expert doctors at Trifecta Health.

To do so, can either book online or call us at (212) 302-1848 or email us at


- Step 2:

Then you will receive a confirmation link via email, and if you are a new patient, you need to fill out the intake form.


- Step 3:

Finally, your appointment would be booked. And once your appointment is successfully booked, you will get matched up with our expert doctor online and get the medical assistance you need.


Cost of Seeing A Psychiatrist In New York City:


Cost Of The Initial Consultation:



An initial consultation is anywhere from 45 minutes to 60 minutes long at a cost of $350. While the follow-up appointments are anywhere from 20 minutes to 30 minutes long may cost approximately around $200.


Please note that health insurance is not accepted upfront, but there will be options of reimbursement available later.


Insurance Coverage For Psychiatry:

The mental health parity law requires specific benefit plans to cover mental health therapy as they would cover physical conditions. Some insurance companies allow it in their plans, and for those who do not, their employers come up with other benefit plans with strong mental health coverage.


Individual Psychiatry Cost:

The cost for an individual looking for psychiatry sessions is roughly around $150-$200 per hour for individual sessions. Individual psychiatry sessions are also the most expensive ones.


Couples Psychiatry Cost:

Couples’ psychiatry depends upon how serious psychiatry sessions they may need and where they are located—psychiatrists consulting in couples and family therapy charge anywhere between $70 and $250 per hour.


Group Psychiatry Cost:

Some Psychiatry health centers also provide group psychiatry sessions when they feel that their past experiences can help them in the future. Multi-session group psychiatry sessions cost around $700 per eight-week (2 months) course.


Psychiatrists At Trifecta Health:

At Trifecta Health, we are focused on providing expert, high quality treatments lead by NYC Psychiatrist Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D. Our difference comes from our holistic approach that helps our patients develop a more positive strategy and creates a better quality of life.


Our expertise:


Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D., is a nationally recognized figure in the field of Psychopharmacology and has given over 700 lectures and presentations on it. He specializes in the treatment of adult ADD/ADHD and is board-certified in Obesity Medicine and medical weight loss programs.


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Finding a psychiatrist can be overwhelming, but knowing where to start and what to look for can help narrow down your search so you can begin your journey into good mental health. Once you’ve found a good psychiatrist, be it through a family/friend/doctor referral, online, through your health insurance plan policies, or even through looking for plans available for uninsured patients, you should make a list of them. After that, research each of them specifically and only choose the one that suits you the best. Look at their past experiences, years of work, license, and overall reputation.


However, if you fail to find any psychiatrist manually, you can contact us at Trifecta Health.


Trifecta Health Medical Centers exists to serve the residents and workers of New York City. Trifecta Health offers treatments for Adult ADD/ ADHD, Depression, Substance Abuse, Psychiatry Disorders, and Weight Management.


We have highly qualified and well-reputed health staff. Not only do we ensure to provide you with professional and certified prescriptions, but we also provide the best services available in town.

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