We hear the word ‘anxiety’ a lot these days, but most of the time it’s taken as seriously as stress. The problem is, both are very serious conditions which need to be taken extremely seriously if you have any chance of kicking them out of your life.

Stress and anxiety often work hand in hand to a certain degree, with one often exacerbating the other, but anxiety is certainly more than just worry. When anxiety takes over, everything seems unclear, panic takes over, and nothing remains in context. Physical symptoms can often occur and in its worst stages, anxiety can make someone question their own sanity.

The problem is that anxiety is so prevalent in today’s age. We’re constantly chasing our tails, trying to keep up with everyone else around us, and comparing our progress to that of other people. It’s enough to cause overload, and when anxiety creeps it, it’s no surprise. The problem is, anxiety is a very slippery road; it’s bad enough on its own, but it has a very close attachment to depression too.

Anxiety is an Unpredictable Beast
Here at Trifecta Health, we understand just how upsetting and distressing anxiety can be for anyone who suffers from it on a regular basis. Anxiety can peak and trough, stay as a constant, or it can disappear and then pop up again when you least expect it. Learning to manage anxiety is vital if you want to gain back control and look forward to a happier future.

There are many treatment methods for anxiety, including some very useful self-help methods too. For some however, self-help just doesn’t work as well as it could and extra help is often required. There are medications which can help anxiety, but these are often along the same lines as anti-depressants and not everyone is happy to put up with the side effects which may occur. In that case, there are some other options.

We offer TMS therapy for anxiety and depression, Ketamine treatment, Botox treatment and we even work with the understanding that weight can be a precursor to anxiety and depression too. Put simply, we’ve got you covered.

When Fear Takes Over
At its very core, anxiety is fear. It is a fear of something that has not yet happened and probably will never happen. When your confidence is low, these fears find it far easier to work into your mind, making you believe that everything is negative and terrifying. The truth is quite different - your anxiety will lie to you, it will twist and distort the truth and make you think that the world is a darker place than it truly is.

Part and parcel of overcoming anxiety is mind over matter, facing your fear and really questioning it, picking it apart in order to diminish the power it holds over you. The more you question something, the more you see that it’s really not all it makes itself out to be. Fear and anxiety are exactly the same.


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