All you need to know about TMS Therapy

There is a rather scary statistic about to come your way. It’s a statistic that might shock you, but at the same time, it might actually give you some comfort, that you’re not alone in your rather dark and worrisome place.

It is thought that around 15 million American adults suffer from major depression. That equates to roughly 6.7% of the general population. That also means that the chances of you knowing someone who is suffering from depression, but who might not tell you they are, is quite high. Scary indeed.

This statistic, calculated by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) really shows us the huge problem we have on our hands. We can no longer hide the problem under the carpet and assume that depression is just something we feel when we’re a bit low sometimes, and we can no longer just pretend that anxiety is about being a bit worried. This problem is huge.

If you are reading this, the chances are that you are someone who has suffered, or is suffering, from some form of depression. There are many different degrees to which you can be depressed, and it can affect everyone differently. Anxiety is the same, it is a totally personal deal. Both these conditions work hand in hand, so the chances are if you have one, then you have some degree of the other too.

The problem is exacerbated around this time of year too, because the festive period can cause many people to look back over things that have happened across the year, and it can bring you down. The thing is, if you do this, and you’re already predisposed to being depressed anyway, it can drag you further towards that dark spiral of despair.

Whenever we talk about a problem, we should then go on to talk about a positive, i.e. a solution. Here at Trifecta health, we are all about solutions, and when it comes to depression and anxiety treatments, we have several options on offer.

Under the expert and highly skilled supervision of Dr Edward Fruitman MD, we offer the pioneering TMS therapy. This stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. While this might sound scary, it’s actually far from it. As the patient you will feel nothing, and you won’t be aware of anything going on at all. You will simply sit in a chair, perhaps read a book, close your eyes, and generally relax, whilst our highly skilled probes do their work.

Basically, depression is caused by an imbalance in a part of the brain. Anti depressant medications aim to right that imbalance, but they don’t work for everyone, and they can come with some unpleasant side effects which some people are not happy to accept. TMS however doesn’t have any side effects, which is what makes it suitable for a whole range of patents.

A magnet is placed over the head, in a certain spot, and radio waves are transmitted deep into the brain. This works to put right the imbalance that is causing the symptoms of depression, ad over time, the severity should ease, and then eventually disappear. Several treatments will be required to complete the plan, but TMS is a very real and very effective solution to a huge problem that we face in today’s society.

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