Have you ever noticed than when you feel a little down, you don’t like anything about the way you look either? Perhaps your clothes feel tighter, or you simply don’t want to do anything with your hair or make up?

Imagine that feeling when you’re not just a little down, but actually depressed.

There is a very real and solid link between how you perceive your appearance and depression. There is also a very real link between problems with weight and depression.

You see, the two are linked together very closely because it involves our self-esteem, and that is also working hand in hand with mood.

When you’re not happy with how you look, it affects every single thing about your life, simply because it affects how you see yourself through your own eyes and how you feel about yourself on the inside.

In addition, depression also affects appetite, which then affects weight. It can either cause you to lose your appetite and therefore stop eating, or it can cause you over-eat as a way of coping with the way you’re feeling.

Most people assume that you have to be overweight to feel bad about yourself, but that’s not always the case. Someone might lose their appetite because of their depression, lose weight and not like the way it looks on them, but not really feel like doing anything about it because the depression has caught them firmly in its grips.

It’s a vicious circle and it’s one which is extremely hard to get out of. Everything is linked together, everything turns and affects everything else.

You put weight on, you may feel down. You lose weight, you might feel great about it, or you might feel terrible about it. You become al little older and start noticing lines and wrinkles, you might start to panic and worry about old age. Everything about the way we look affects the way we feel.

Here at Trifecta Health, #1 Recommended Wellness clinic in New York, one of the biggest issues we see is people trying to deal with obesity or being overweight and struggling to do anything about it. This isn’t simply the case that you need to lose a bit of weight and do some exercise. Anyone who thinks that is being close minded.

Losing weight is extremely hard, and for some people, no amount of diet or exercise works to the right degree. That in itself can cause mood to plummet, self-esteem to hit the floor and everything in life to feel dark and hopeless.

Because we see this issue so much, we have many ways to help you, if this is the problem that is currently affecting your life.

There is help out there, there are ways to deal with the problem, and there is plenty of hope on the horizon for a healthier and happier future. All you need to do is take the first steps towards getting help - actually asking for it.

Ask Trifecta Health and you shall receive!

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