Anyone who has lived a life tinged by ADHD, be it directly or indirectly, will know that simply saying ‘be more organized’ is not going to cut the mustard.
There is nothing on this Earth that can wave a magic wand and make everything go away, and make a person who has issues with organization, suddenly become super-organized.

Disorganization is a symptom of ADHD, but it is only one in a long line, which cause havoc to someone’s life, if it is left untreated.

Most people start making resolutions at this time of year. You know the score - ‘I’m going to stop smoking’, ‘I’m going to lose weight’, ‘I’m going to be more productive at work this year’, ‘I’m going to get out of debt’, ‘I’m going to travel more’. It goes on and on. Half of those resolutions (probably more than half) never actually make it past the first few days of January. For a sufferer of ADHD however, resolutions just aren’t worth it. Why? Because the life of someone with ADHD, life can be chaotic and it can be unpredictable.

To help in that regard however, why not make your New Year’s resolution one which is going to stick, one which will have a huge effect on your life, and one which will change everything for the better? Resolve to get help and get your ADHD under control.

A Silent Issue

The problem with ADHD is that many people are walking around with it and don’t even know they have it. This means that there are problems with work, financial issues, general organizational issues, relationships, and all manner of other issues going on in life, and that person simply thinks that life is difficult. The truth is that life isn’t difficult, it’s living with uncontrolled ADHD that’s difficult.

When you reach out and get help, there are so many management and treatment methods which can help to grab back some control, and as a result, life gets easier. You suddenly understand why things are the way they are, people around you understand you more too, and that all creates a more harmonious way of life.

Of course, if you don’t know you have ADHD, how are you supposed to know if you need help?

Basically, if you are someone who struggles with the general practicalities of daily life, e.g. being on time, focusing on one task, maintaining smooth relationships, concentrating, multi-tasking, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, feeling nervous when certain rules are in place, losing things regularly and fidgeting, then there is a chance that ADHD could be an issue in your life.

The list of symptoms is quite long, and in order to be diagnosed you need to tick off a set number of symptoms from the list, and have a history which backs it up. This is something which we can help you with. Under the watchful eye of Dr. Edward Fruitman,M.D. we can help diagnose an ADHD issue which is currently uncontrolled and from there we can put together a personalized ADHD treatment plan which will help you grab back control of your life.

ADHD isn’t just about not being organized and being late on occasion, it’s about so much more than that. When left untreated, ADHD can ruin relationships and make a person extremely unhappy, to say the least. Life is too short. Make it your New Year’s resolutions to change one thing in your life this year - give us a call today.

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