It’s Time to Sit up And Take Notice of ADHD/ADD

Once upon a time, if a person was constantly late, couldn’t focus, was randomly irritated, and often found it extremely hard to finish anything, they were considered to be lazy, or even simply irrational. Of course, you can’t always put a label on someone’s behavior without really checking deeper into the issue. You could take this one step further and talk about so called ‘naughty children’ – it was often the case that if a child was disruptive, had difficulty focusing and didn’t find it easy to learn new things, that they were just lazy and naughty overall. It wasn’t until a few years ago that ADHD/ADD was found to be a very real thing, and therefore an answer to the above issues.

You don’t have to be a child to suffer from ADHD, and ADD is a very real thing too. Diagnoses of ADD/ADHD in New York are on the rise, and more and more adults are finding that they fit the symptom bill too. The worrying thing however, is that countless adults are out there trying to deal with their symptoms, thinking they are somehow just difficult, when really there is a problem that they could have help with, but they don’t know about it.

ADD/ADHD is not something to throw into a non-descript bin, it is not something which isn’t real, and it isn’t something which is just a random tag-line for a condition which isn’t a case of reality. The sheer amount of research which has gone into understanding this sometimes debilitating condition has shown that whether child or adult, ADD/ADHD is something which should be taken notice of.

Here at Trifecta Health, under the watchful eye of NYC Psychiatrist Dr Edward Fruitman, we have a range of ADD/ADHD treatment options available for sufferers of the condition, whether diagnosed at the time of meeting or not. We can help you understand your condition, manage it, and we can offer treatment to help make light that much easier for you and your family/loved ones. We also understand that ADHD/ADD doesn’t just affect the sufferer, it affects everyone around them too, and we have a range of advice and counseling options to get you through the first initial understanding stage, and to arm you with the knowledge, hints, and tips to live your lives with the methods to jump over any potential stumbling blocks that may lie ahead or crop up from time to time.

The bottom line here is that more understanding has to be put into this condition, to really help people understand that it isn’t just a case of being ‘scatty’, or lazy, perhaps unorganized, or simply not being bothered about being on time. ADD/ADHD makes a person think and act in a different way, and it can be extremely upsetting for the person concerned. The good news? Help is certainly very much at hand.

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