Life can be a stressful business, and there are times and events which occur and cause us worry. For instance, if you are at college and you have a series of important exams coming up, it would be totally normal to spend a little time beforehand worrying about them. Another example could be if you have an upcoming job interview, and in the days leading up to it, you become anxious and have trouble sleeping. These issues should pass once the event has also passed.


There is a line however when anxiety becomes abnormal. For instance, if you find yourself worrying constantly for no real reason, you find that you are always overthinking, coming up with worst case, ‘what if’ scenarios, and that your mood is taking a turn for the worst as a result, this is not a normal case of anxiety.


Have you ever heard of GAD?


What is GAD?

GAD stands for Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and it is a hugely common condition which has varying degrees of severity. GAD is diagnosed when a person’s life is adversely affected by worry, to a degree where they cannot control their feelings, emotions, and the amount of worry they experience. There are also physical symptoms which go alongside this, such as muscle tension, fatigue, constant tiredness, lack of energy, and headaches. Panic attacks can also occur with GAD, and these are extremely unpleasant experiences, when the anxiety spikes for a short period of time, and causes a racing heart, dark and uncontrollable thoughts of panic and doom, difficulty breathing, and light-headedness, to name just a few symptoms.


The thing is, someone with GAD cannot simply shake off their worry; this is not something you can simply shake your head about and get on with your day. A person with GAD will find the feeling of worry and panic to be uncontrollable, overwhelming, and they are unable to concentrate and focus on anything else at all.


When left untreated, GAD can lead to other mental health issues, such as depression, panic disorders, and phobias.


Living with anxiety is no picnic, and it is certainly not a choice either. Here at Trifecta Health, we understand the severity and unpleasant nature of GAD, and we have a range of treatment options available for clients who contact us. Under the watchful and professional eye of Dr Edward Fruitman, we are dedicated to helping every single person with GAD, from diagnosis, right through to full remission of symptoms.


There is a light at the end of the tunnel, there is help at hand, there are brighter days in front of you – you simply need to reach out and ask for help. Help will then be given!


GAD is not simple worry and overthinking, it is something much more serious. We often put an unfair stigma on mental health issues, but it’s time to kick those out completely, and move forward to a brighter day. Give us a call today!


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