A few days ago President Trump declared a national public health emergency. This wasn’t about the spread of disease or unclean water, it was instead about the epidemic of opioid usage amongst the population.


Year upon year, more and more people are becoming addicted to opioids, and this either leads to addiction and serious health problems, including mental health problems, or in the darker cases, it can lead to death. Surrounded by friends and families of those who have been affected by opioid addiction, Trump spoke about the huge problem at hand. Of course, this highlight can only be a good thing, with increased resource availability, more awareness, and a drive to combat the stigma attached to opioid addiction.


Trifecta Health provides opioid addiction treatment in Manhattan New York. Here at Trifecta Health we know only to well what opioid addiction can do to someone’s life, as well a those around them. A happy, bright, and healthy person can be turned into a shell of what they once were, and there seems like little hope for the future. The bright side of this is that with support and treatment, the long road towards recovery can be travelled, and life certainly does improve massively.


The public health emergency declaration is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to battling this huge problem. There has been a massive substance abuse issue in the US for many years, with many lives lost and destroyed as a result. This new drive to tackle and drive out the problem is a hugely positive step.


Are You Affected by Opioid Use?

There is no shame in admitting that you have a problem, and it is a hugely brave step to make the decision to get help. Under the watchful eye of Dr Edward Fruitman, we offer a range of different treatment options for those who are in the clutches of substance addiction, ranging from pharmaceutical solutions, to support and advice. There is help out there, and isn’t always as black and white as it may at first seem. One size doesn’t always fit all and that means that one solution and treatment method isn’t going to always work for every single person.


We appreciate this fact, and this is why we conduct an in-depth consultation with every single person who reaches out to us for help. We can then identify the best option for you, with your discussion and input every step of the way.


We didn’t need President’s Trump confirmation to know there has been a problem for many years in terms of opioid use, but the declaration really does help drive more awareness towards a cause that needs it. The stigma attached has long put people off reaching out for help, but with the disappearance of this unnecessary stigma, and more resources and help on the way, more and more people can look forward to a brighter, and happier future overall.


If this is something you would like to talk to us about, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. Our friendly and supportive staff are waiting for you.



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