If you’re someone who regularly feels on edge and anxious, you’ll know without anyone having to tell you how upsetting the whole situation can be.

In some cases, anxiety can be debilitating, especially it is prolonged and experienced in severe amounts.

A person with anxiety doesn’t just worry, they overthink, go over their thoughts constantly, they allow their anxiety to stop them from going out and doing things, seeing people and enjoying the things they normally enjoy.

Anxiety is not only worry, it is a constant chattering in your ear; it is someone preying on your fears all the time, it is a voice telling you that you’re not good enough, you’re going to fail, everything is negative, and nothing is worth doing.

Anxiety is dangerous and it can also lead very easily towards depression.

Not everyone with anxiety ends up with depression but you can work out how it happens. When you’re constantly worrying and anxious, it’s easy to be dragged down to the point where you feel like you’re failing all the time. Of course, in reality you’re not failing at all, but you’re struggling enough to allow your mood to plummet. This can easily snowball into a depression picture which may have catastrophic consequences for your mental health.

Here at Trifecta Health, we understand anxiety and depression far more than most. We see and treat countless individuals who are struggling with the effects of anxiety and we know that it’s certainly not a case of simply being worried.

The good news is that you do not have to live with the debilitating effects of anxiety. Whilst any type of treatment takes time to have an effect, there are options out there to help you to overcome the condition you have unfortunately been handed.

For most however, taking the step to ask for help can be a tough one. Anxiety has that unfortunate stigma attached to it, but it’s something you should do your best to ignore. This stigma is not fair and it’s not real. Nobody asked for anxiety, nobody asked to feel a constant hamster wheel of thoughts going around and around their head for several hours a day. With that in mind, why should you live with it if you didn’t ask for it?

Anxiety has the power to take the smallest worry and turn it into a maelstrom of doubt and concern that can overpower every single part of your day and leave you struggling to breathe. Whilst not everyone who suffers from anxiety experiences panic attacks, many do, and these can feel extremely frightening at the time.

From medications to therapy, we have a range of treatment options to help rid you of the power anxiety has over you. You cannot tell from simply looking at someone whether they’re okay or they’re not, and we understand that really, truly and honestly, it’s really okay to not be okay.

So, take a deep breath and reach out to us. We can help you. The future doesn’t have to be the same as your life is right now.


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