Much more needs to be done in terms of educating people on what ADHD is, and who it can affect. The bottom line is, this lack of information means that many people are going undiagnosed with the condition, and are therefore living their lives in struggle, when there is no need to.

ADHD can be managed very successfully, but in order to know about these management techniques, a diagnosis needs to be made.

Adult ADHD and Child ADHD, Are They Different Things?
Yes and no. ADHD is ADHD regardless of who it affects, but it can affect adults and children in a different way.

Many mental conditions, such as depression and anxiety, start mainly when someone is grown, e.g. when they are an adult, and is less prevalent in children, although still possible. It is often the case however, that many adults who are diagnosed with ADHD in later life, actually had the condition as a child, but were never diagnosed and never received help.

That’s quite a sad thing to consider.

So, adult ADHD is really just a continuation of the condition from childhood. It can get worse, it not managed, and it may have been very slight when that person was younger. ADHD is individual, and it changes from person to person.

Are they different? An adult who suffers from ADHD is less likely to suffer from the hyperactivity element that a child normally does. This shows itself in a different way, e.g. an adult is more likely to simply be restless or fidgety. As you can see, the symptoms and the general vibe of ADHD is the same regardless of age, it’s just that the way it presents itself can show slight differently as age progresses.


Is Adult ADHD Common?

Surprisingly, yes. We say ‘surprisingly’ because it is so misunderstood. Everyone assumes that ADHD is a childhood condition, but it’s not the case. The problem is that an adult who is suffering from ADHD and isn’t aware of it, is likely to be living quite a difficult life. They won’t understand why they are often unorganized or fidgety, they won’t understand why they find certain tasks more difficult than others, and those around them probably won’t understand it either. When the diagnosis is made, most adults often feel a sense of a weight being lifted. There is a reason for all of this, and it can be sorted out and managed!

It could also be the case that because the adult simply doesn’t understand why they act a certain way, or find certain tasks difficult, they turn to damaging ways to cope, e.g. smoking or drinking. Again, the diagnosis can bring a sense of clarity and freedom to that individual.

For this reason, it is more important than ever before to bring more education in the realm of adult ADHD.

To give you an idea of how widespread this problem is:

  • 4.7% of adults in the USA are estimated to have adult ADHD
  • Out of that, only 19% are diagnosed and treated

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