Edward Fruitman, M.D. explains What is depression.

Bipolar affective disorder which is also known as manic depressive illness, is a mental disorder. This is characterized by times of depression and times of an elevated mood. The elevated mood is known as a mania or a hypermania depending on the severity. There also depends on whether there is psychosis.

During mania a person can act abnormally happy, energetic or they can act irritable. While in a mania a person decisions may not be well thought out with a disregard to the consequences. While there are periods of depression what this may include is crying, poor eye contact with others and a negative outlook on life. There is typically a lack of sleep. The risk of suicide among those with the disorder is around 6% which is higher than the national average and self harm occurs in 30–40% of people with the disorder. Mental health issues other than bipolar can be common to go along with bipolar disorder and these can include anxiety disorder and substance use disorder are commonly associated.

The cause of bipolar disorder is not understood that clearly. The factors that play a role are environmental and genetic. Child abuse and long term stress can be two of the environmental factors that can cause bipolar disorder.

The disorder is divided into two parts. These are bipolar I disorder which is if there is at least one manic episode and bipolar II disorder is when there are at least one hypomanic episode and one major depressive episode. Other conditions that may come across in a similar manner can include substance use disorder, personality disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, schizophrenia, as well as a number of medical conditions.

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