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weight management nycThe number on the weighing scales and low self-esteem go hand in hand. We’ve all experienced it, we look down at the number blinking back at us and our stomach drops, wishing we hadn’t eaten that heavy meal the night before, or even not understanding why our body seems to be a little heavier.

Unfortunately, when you’re feeling low anyway, and suffering from the somewhat debilitating condition of depression, a further hit to your self-esteem is not welcomed, and can start a vicious circle.

While anti-depressant medication is a necessary for many, it unfortunately can have the unwelcome side effect of weight gain. Whilst it’s a slightly easier subject to handle after a holiday or a celebration, when you’ve overindulged, it’s somewhat harder a pill to swallow, pardon the pun, when you’ve done nothing to explain it!

Thankfully, not all anti-depressant medications have this negative effect, and with a little tweaking, medication can be re-arranged, to reduce the risk of piling on the pounds without even noticing. Trifecta Health can help with this medication tweaking, as well as lifestyle and medical assessment, optimising performance whist minimising side effects. It’s win-win all around.

Hormone and vitamin deficiencies are often the root cause of weight gain, and once these are identified, they can be rectified very easily, meaning a happy, healthy weight. On the flip side, in rare cases, appetite suppressing medication may be given, or meal replacement plans, to help manage weight and stabilise at a healthy level.

Of course, with any weight management plan, it’s all about losing the weight and keeping it off in a healthy way. Crash diets do not work! To safely wave goodbye to those extra pounds, and keep them off, it’s all about discussion, planning, investigation and working towards a common goal. Nutrition and lifestyle changes go hand in hand with a slimmer waistline, and it all means anti-depressant medication will work in the way it’s meant to, and side effects are kept to a minimum.

A confident self-image goes a long way to helping with low mood and depression – talk to the experts at Trifecta today for help and advice on weight management.

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