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hCG weight-loss program at Trifecta

Weight loss is a rocky subject. What works for one, often doesn’t work for another, and no matter which option you go for, it’s always a hard road to go down. There is no magic cure and quick fix to losing those pesky pounds, and it will take hard work, will power and a bit of sacrifice, however it’s worth it! For general health, well-being and self-confidence, feeling happier, healthier and svelte will have a million and one positive effects.

Trifecta Heath in Downtown NYC and Long Island are able to help, so don’t think you have to face this battle alone. It can be confusing with the number of diets out there, and choosing which one is right for you can be difficult, but with the expert help of our friendly supportive professionals, working alongside an expert in his field, Dr Edward Fruitman M.D., you can be assured of a healthy route to those lost pounds.

One diet that has hit the headlines recently is the hCG weight loss diet.

What is hCG Diet?

You might have heard of hCG before, as it’s the hormone that is naturally produced in pregnant woman. If you’ve ever taken a pregnancy test, ladies out there, the test would have been testing the level of hCG in your urine. If it was negative, you had none, or very little, of the hormone.

The hCG diet NYC is basically a low calorie diet, combined with injections of hCG to work alongside, boosting weight loss, for quick and long-lasting results, provided all aspects of the diet are adhered to.

How does hCG diet it works?

Like any diet, there are slight modifications as different experts take the diet under their wing, but as a general rule, the hCG diet runs through 4 phases.

  1. The first is a period of preparation, with supplements to prepare the body.
  2. The second is a three day period of eating anything you want, to stockpile energy for the forthcoming phase, which is the hard bit.
  3. Phase three is where the low calorie, 500 calories a day, diet begins and the strict guidelines need to be stuck to – no sugar or artificial sweetener containing foods, no fast food, no transfats and limited cold drinks. There are variations on the amount of calories, ranging from 500 to 1200 depending on the person, but this should always be discussed prior to starting the diet – remember, your health comes first.
  4. Phase four is where you maintain.

This is no easy diet, and it will be hard to stick to at first, but like most things in life, you will get used to it. A good tip is to avoid boredom eating, which is often when you consume calories without even thinking about it, such as whilst watching TV. It might also be useful to order your food via grocery store delivery, to avoid those impulse buys.

All this healthy eating and self-control is boosted by daily hCG injections, apart from during menstruation, when the injections are put on hold. The two working side by side kick fat into touch and those extra pounds melt away.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, give us a call at Trifecta Health today at (212) 233-2830, and we’ll be happy to discuss all aspects with you, and set you on the road to a happier, healthier you.

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