How to manage ADHD symptoms?

Anyone suffering from ADHD will tell you how frustrating the condition can be. People simply don’t understand the pressure and strain it puts on daily life, from the simple things like being on time, to the more life-changing side of life, such as conducting a flourishing relationship; the things that are taken for granted by non-sufferers become daily struggles for those with the condition, knocking all-important self-esteem to zero.

Thankfully, the key to living a fulfilled and happy life alongside ADHD, is to develop techniques and mechanisms for managing the condition.

Dr Fruitman, our expert psychiatrist here at Trifecta Health Medical Center regularly treats and counsels adult ADHD suffers and has identified several key areas, which are helpful in the battle against allowing this frustrating and occasionally debilitating condition to rule daily life.

Accept that ADHD is part of who you are, but it does not definite you. If you are able to accept the disorder and understand why things are happening then you are taking a huge step towards managing the condition as a whole.

Baby steps. Cut daily tasks down into smaller, more digestible chunks, by working on them regularly, rather than trying to do it all at once. This cuts down pressure and makes the task more manageable.

Focus on strengths, not weaknesses. For everything you struggle with, there will be something you excel at – identify it and celebrate it.

Allow yourself to ask for help. If you need someone to help you out with a task, ask, there is no shame in saying ‘help me’. Delegation is the key.

Declutter your brain, write it down. Write down your daily commitments and tasks on a calendar or write lists, this will help make sure you don’t miss anything, and ticking them off will give you a boost.

Know your limitations and yourself. Learn to spot your warning signs and understand how your condition works. When you find a weak area in your life, work on it.

When ADHD is broken down to smaller, bite-size chunks, it can be managed, and life can be just as fulfilling and smooth as for a non-sufferer. The key is to accept, learn to manage the signs and symptoms, and to remain positive.

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