Best-ADHD-treatment-manhattanIf you or your loved one suffers from ADHD then you will be more than knowledgeable about the difficulties of this condition. Like most things in life, it can be managed, and it’s really a case of knowing the little quirks and tips you can do to make life a little easier.

Travel isn’t the simplest of situations at the best of times, and stress often leaks in to travel days, regardless of whether you suffer from ADHD or not. The key to a calmer onward journey is in being organised, however we all know that being organised isn’t something that comes that naturally to someone suffering from ADHD. It’s because of this that a little pre-planning will go a long way.

Check out these tips.

Write lists
You need to remember so much before you head away on vacation that it can lead to a meltdown. Writing lists means you’re not going to forget something, and that you can easily tick items off your list as you go. Keep a notebook by your bed, take it with you when you’re out and about, and then when something pops into your head that you don’t want to forget, simply scribble it down for later reference. It’s also important to sit down with someone and write a list of the important set things you need to do, so these can be ticked off as you go.

Packing is a nightmare – end of!
Packing is no fun regardless of your situation. Trying to figure out what you need for a certain space of time is just ridiculous, but unfortunately it’s something we have to do. Be methodical, think about what you do in the morning when you get up, e.g. you brush your teeth, you spray deodorant, you wash your face, then think of the things you used to do those actions – pack them! Running through your day in your head like this means you won’t forget something important. Again, write it all down.

If you take medication for your ADHD, or any other condition you have, make sure you have enough to last you for the duration of your trip. Pack your medications in the labelled boxes, in your hand luggage bag.

Share your ‘safe place’
If you’re travelling with a partner, family, or friends, make sure you tell them where your dedicated safe place is. You know the kind of thing I’m talking about, we always keep our passport in a particular safe place, and most of us forget where that is at some point. Share the location with a trusted person, and you won’t go far wrong.

Stay calm in stressful situations
Travel can be stressful, especially air travel when you have to stand and queue in an airport for a length of time and can easily become fidgety or restless, but try and stay as calm as possible. Distract your mind from the waiting, take your iPad or a book, something to keep your attention as much as you can, and if you come up against a situation that is stressing you out, don’t flash react to it, listen to what is being said and done first.

Whilst it’s easy to travel in essence, the ins and outs of a travel day are enough to make the calmest person scream at times. Those suffering from ADHD can find this particularly difficult but it’s certainly not something that is impossible. If you would like to discuss more about ADHD and tips to manage the condition, give us a call today at Trifecta Health NYC at (212) 233-2830.

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