The passing of time may be a problem in terms of ageing, yet it does have its advantages, such as advances in technology. With every passing year comes a new development, and thankfully many of them bring new treatments and procedures for conditions which plague many of us.

Depression is a common affliction for many, with sufferers coming from all walks of life and situations. Unfortunately, this isn’t a condition that a pill will always cure, and for some it means additional or alternative treatment therapies.

You might have heard of the somewhat controversial ECT treatment, or electroconvulsive therapy, to give it its more scientific name. There has been some debate over the years regarding this rather invasive therapy, which actually involves shocking the patient into a controlled seizure. ECT has been known to cause memory and concentration problems and unfortunately has to be repeated for it to continue to be effective.

Whilst ECT is effective in terms of helping those with depression which has failed to respond to medications, it does sound rather brutal with respect to side effects. Happily, those advances in technology have brought us TMS, or yet again to be scientific – transcranial magnetic stimulation.

TMS is an altogether gentler therapy, which has no known side effects and is so simple, you can even do it in your lunch hour. TMS works by emitting magnetic pulses into the brain, gently shaking awake the part responsible for mood. No shocks, no seizures. Compared to ECT, TMS can even improve memory and concentration and is extremely likely to have a positive effect on a sufferer of depression.

The softly, softly approach of TMS or the rather more kick-ass approach of ECT? Everyone is an individual, so contact Trifecta Health today to discuss your personal preference.

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