A 2010 study suggests that TMS is effective treatment for migraines with aura. The randomized, double blind study included individuals 18-68 years old that had aura followed by a severe headache. The patients were treated with either a hand-held portable TMS machine or a placebo device, and were instructed to treat a maximum of one attack per month for 3 months during the aura stage of the attack. Researchers found that participants using the TMS device found complete freedom from pain after 2 hours and was pain free for up to 48 hours. Researchers believe that TMS is a promising treatment method for migraine patients.

Original Article:

Single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation for acute treatment of migraine with aura: a randomised, double-blind, parallel-group, sham-controlled trial. Richard B Lipton MD, David W Dodick MD, et al. The Lancet Neurology – 1 April 2010 Vol. 9, Issue 4, Pages 373-380. 

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