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Consider TMS to fight depression

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Here at Trifeca Health Center NYC we are proud to offer TMS therapy to patients who are struggling with the effects of depression, all under the watchful eye of Dr Edward Fruitman MD Depression is not a fun deal, that’s a certainty. Anyone who has ever suffered with low mood

TMS treatment in downtown Manhattan

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in NYC at Trifecta Health For a long time now, the first line of treatment for depression has always been medication. That’s all very well and good if medication work for you, but what if you’re one of the 4 million US citizens who don’t benefit from

TMS and fibromyalgia

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How magnetic therapy can help in the battle against fibromyalgia For anyone suffering with fibromyalgia, you won’t need me to explain the sometimes debilitating effects. Pain, depression, and a poor standard of life are all standard with the condition, and the rather scary statistic is that fibromyalgia affects between 6-12

How TMS helps depression?

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Psychiatrist Dr. Fruitman treat depression with TMS Therapy in NYC and Long Island Depression is a scary and dark condition, and yet it’s more common than we ever realize. These days anti-depressant medications are handed out freely, but unfortunately it’s not always the best road to go down for everyone,

Bulimia and TMS Therapy

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TMS depression treatment could help those with eating disorders activate connections in the rewards and cravings regions of the brain. With the rise of stick thin celebrities in the media these days, it’s no wonder more and more people, both men and woman, are striving for the impossible. This, in

TMS Therapy is Helpful after Stroke

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Non-invasive brain stimulation TMS Therapy may help stroke survivors recover speech and language function, according to new research in the American Heart Association journal Stroke. For anyone who has been the victim of a stroke, cared for a victim of a stroke, or have been close to someone who has suffered

TMS Therapy – “Let the Sun in You, Shine”

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Trifecta Health Medical Center and Psychiatrist Dr. Fruitman offers depression treatments in NYC including innovative TMS Therapy, Psychopharmacology and highly effective Ketamine treatment. Sometimes it’s easy to downplay someone else’s feelings of sadness or self-doubt. Everyone feels unhappy at times, yet sometimes these feelings can lead to complete and utter

TMS helps with symptoms of schizophrenia

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) can improve working memory performance in schizophrenia, bringing function back to healthy, normal levels. There are many conditions we don’t fully understand. Unfortunately, for those suffering from them, this means there isn’t a completely clear course of treatment or management available, which doesn’t help symptoms or

Making Headway on a New Treatment for Depression

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tms therapy nyc

An effective, non-invasive alternative “gave me my life back,” says local man By Steve Dorfman Brett Armstrong has no memory of the event that forever changed his life — a 2003 motorcycle crash that left him in a month-long coma. He does, however, recall all too well the debilitating after-effects that

Stop Depression with TMS at Trifecta Health Medical Center

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Thu, Mar 1, 2012, http://newyork.nearsay.com Depression is all too common in our society and for many suffering from this mind crippling and misunderstood disease, seeking medical care can be a confusing, difficult task. At Trifecta Health Medical Center treatments for depression are offered with great care and expertise, and as an innovative and

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