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TMS Terapy new yorkDepression is all too common in our society and for many suffering from this mind crippling and misunderstood disease, seeking medical care can be a confusing, difficult task. At Trifecta Health Medical Center treatments for depression are offered with great care and expertise, and as an innovative and highly attentive medical center, Trifecta offers the latest treatments for depression.

Several causes result in depression, from overwhelming personal difficulties, loss of a loved one and genetic history, to inflicted abuse, substance abuse and more, depression is a very real, complex disease that can be carried in many forms. As one one the latest treatments for depression the medical staff at Trifecta have adopted Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) as a highly effective treatment. Medical Pioneer, Dr. Edward Fruitman, first to bring the healing power of TMS Therapy to Manhattan’s Financial District of New York, treats his patients who suffer from depression, after other methods had failed.

TMS, approved by the U.S. FDA in October of 2008, is a magnetically stimulated treatment for adults suffering from depression. With over ten years of clinical study, TMS has been proven to provide a more effective treatment option than typical anti-depressants. TMS targets the prefrontal cortex in the brain, or the region of the brain responsible for regulating mood and emotions. The treatment coil sends magnetic pulses to stimulate the cortex, triggering a release of neurotransmitters through the brain. This positively affects mood and adjusts any chemical imbalance to relieve depression symptoms.

Not only is TMS safe and effective, but gentle and painless for the patient. Don’t continue living in a depressed world. Trust the expert staff at Trifecta Health Medical Center for a diagnosis and a treatment that is right for you.

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