Trifecta Health and NYC Psychiatrist Dr. Fruitman provide a simple steps to overcome your ADHD symptoms.

When you’re living with the symptoms of ADD or ADHD, getting the job at hand done can sometimes be a struggle. Distractions, finding it hard to concentrate and letting the mind wander are all things that can act as a barrier to every day jobs. Here at Trifecta Health Medical Center in New York, we understand how difficult it can be to live with these symptoms, and have come up with several easy to follow ways to make sure that presentation gets written, or to make sure that public speaking episode isn’t quite so nerve-wracking.

Read on!

  • Waiting for the right time to get your job done? Stop right there! Conditions are rarely right; either the rain is lashing at the window, or it’s too hot. Be proactive and sit down, breathe and get on!
  • Strike whilst the iron is hot! Thinking about something rarely gets it done, doing it however, that works.
  • Be confident in your ideas. Put it into action!
  • Be confident, fake it even, because you can be sure that even the most confident of people are nervous deep down.
  • Force the flow of inspiration. Yes, sometimes ideas strike out of nowhere, but when the creative flow is halted, you need to sit down, brainstorm and make that blockage disappear simply by doing.
  • Don’t worry about what has passed or what may come. Live in the present, focus on the now.

It seems simple doesn’t it? However, living with the symptoms of ADD/ ADHD in New York City is far from simple. Focus on these steps and you’ll find the barriers that these symptoms can cause, will lessen and lessen.

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