Trifecta Health and Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D. offer the HCG Diet for Weight-Loss in NYC and Long Island.


HCG Diet in NYC at Trifecta Health

These days, we’re bombarded with different diets, all promising a quick fix. But the truth of the matter is that there is no quick fix; changing your lifestyle is really the only way to go about it.

However, having said that, there are some diets that rely on science and that are proven to beat the bulge.

One of the new diets out there, available with help and guidance at Trifecta Health in  NYC and Long Island, is the hCG diet.

Trifecta Health Medical & Wellness Center offers weight management program in NYC and Long Island- hCG Diet.

HCG Diet program in New York at Trifecta Health.

Loose up to 1 pound of FAT a Day!

  • Doctor prescribed
  • Rx HCG injections or tablets
  • Medically supervised

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What is HCG?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a naturally occurring substance in a pregnant woman. When used in tandem with exercise and  a healthy, low calorie diet, HCG can help aid weight loss.

The HCG diet is not one to be taken lightly. Injections are available with a prescription only and are delivered by a trained NYC doctors at Trifecta Health after a thorough consultation.

The HCG diet is not FDA approved. However, there is much research to support it.

Some positive side effects have also become associated with HCG therapy. These include:

  •  A greater amount of energy
  •  A clearer mind
  •  Better sleep
  •  Improved mood

HCG diet program in NYC by Trifecta Health

Our HCG diet program is a modernized version of the original HCG diet from 1950 developed by Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons. We have applied current clinical and nutritional knowledge.

A personalized diet program – lasting either 20 or 40 days – is created for each patient. The program is crafted to help each patient lose the maximum amount of weight per day.

Daily injections of HCG are given, and a diet of around 500-1000 calories per day is followed. Patients are given a strict list of approved foods which must be adhered to extremely closely. Any deviation will affect the desired outcome.

The first couple of days of the diet require that the patient builds up his or her fat reserves by gorging on food. Once the fat reserves have been bolstered, the diet begins and patients cut their food intake down to 500-1000 calories per day.

500 calories sounds low, but there is nothing to worry about. The injections give your body extra calories by releasing abnormal fat reserves, which is where the weight loss comes in. In addition, the HCG injections also decrease the patient’s appetite. Though your body is given enough fuel to function, it is important to never stay on the diet for longer than advised, as your body will become immune to the injections and will not function on the low amount of calories.

Always follow HCG diet in conjunction with the help of a professional, such as those highly trained and supportive staff at Trifecta Health in  NYC and Long Island.

Not even the most highly acclaimed, powerful drugs have 100% effectiveness in everyone. Your success with HCG will absolutely be better when you believe it works. This is not a placebo effect. This is simply the power of the mind to control physiological processes.

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