SAD during christmas

Well I wish it could be Christmas every day …

This is the sentiment of many a Christmas lover, however the opposite is also true for many.

Christmas, and winter in general, can be a hard time for some, especially those that are known to suffer with depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is very real, and very common. When the days get darker and shorter, many find it difficult to cope and find their mood hitting the pavement. Add to that the pressure to feel happy, seasonal and joyful at this festive time, and the pressure can be a cocktail for unhappy days.

There are many treatments out there for depression and low mood, such as counselling and anti-depressant therapies, however this doesn’t work for everyone. Like a pair of new shoes, it’s a case of bedding them in and finding what works for you.

TMS therapy (or transcranial magnetic stimulation, to give its scientific name) is an alternative therapy to anti-depressants. If you’ve tried medications in the past and found they haven’t worked sufficiently, or if you couldn’t handle the side effects, this is certainly something to look into.

Trifecta Health Medical Center offers this therapy, and is perfectly located for a quick treatment in your lunch break, whilst out shopping or lunching, with no need to upset your daily routine or schedule too much. Patients will undergo a painless, non-invasive treatment, which involves a magnetic coil, not too scary looking, being placed at the side of the head and from the patient’s point of view, that’s all that happens. Of course, inside the brain, magic is at work.

We all know that mood is affected by the brain, and the neurotransmitters that work inside. TMS therapy uses magnetic stimulation to penetrate inside the head and work with these pesky neurotransmitters to restore balance and, hopefully, harmony.

Sound good? Well, even better, this treatment only takes around half an hour and although you’ll need multiple visits for on average 3-6 weeks, you will notice a difference and it’s completely painless.

Christmas is a time to be enjoyed, and let’s hope that this year, we all crack a festive smile.

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