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For those suffering with depression, there are a variety of different treatment options, as well as an abundance of hope. For those being treated with medication, antidepressants can provide a great deal of relief. However, antidepressants can also create new frustrations for some, due to possible side effects. For some people, these side effects can include a sense of apathy or indifference. For others, the side effects can include possible weight gain. Understandably, these side effects can cause the individual to become frustrated and therefore, take away from the medication’s helpful effects.

Due to these frustrations, a handful of people end up quitting antidepressants, shortly a

TMS therapy for depression

Depression treatment options at Trifecta Health

fter they start taking them. However, this can cause depressive symptoms to return almost immediately. As a matter of fact, patients suffering from depression should take antidepressants for at least six to twelve months, according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). This will allow the medication enough time to take effect. However, some individuals are looking for a quicker and more current treatment option for their depression; one that does not include frustrating side effects or a lengthy period of time waiting for the medication to provide them with the relief they are looking for.

At Trifecta Health Medical Center, we provide several different options for treating the exasperating symptoms of depression. From medication to talk therapy and TMS therapy, our facilities have years of experience treating the disorder effectively and comfortably. We are aware that individual differences have an effect on finding the right treatment option. Therefore, we provide a variety of services that all offer the support and relief that works for you.

One of these treatment options is TMS therapy, also known as transcranial magnetic stimulation. This is a non-invasive treatment for depression that we offer at Trifecta Health Medical Center. TMS therapy can offer improvement and relief in as little as a couple of weeks (or six to ten visits). Also, TMS therapy is not accompanied with the same frustrating side effects as antidepressants may have. In other words, this treatment option provides relief in a shorter period of time, with fewer side effects; which can be a better option for someone who is not interested in a treatment involving medication.

For every individual suffering from depression, there are options for treatment. At Trifecta Medical Health Center, we provide these individualized treatment options that can give you the relief you have been waiting for! It’s never too late to reach out and seek the right treatment options for you. Depression does not have to hold you back, and neither do the lack of proper treatment plans. At Trifecta Health Medical Center, we are focused on finding you the right treatment plan and the exact help you are looking for!

TMS Therapy and other treatment options for depression offered by Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D., and Trifecta Health Medical Center in New York City.

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