Gift ideas for ADHD-affected loved ones in your life

It’s the thought that counts, how many times have you heard that? Well, it’s true, and when it comes to seasonal gifts for your nearest and dearest, it’s important to hit the nail on the head and buy something that is not only fun, but functional too.

If you have anyone in your life who is affected by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), you’ll be all too aware of the challenges that brings for not only the person involved, but for family and friends too. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out the six suggestions below for inspiration.

1. Key finder!
adhd-help-nycYou might not have heard of these handy products, but for those unorganized times when keys seem to have fallen into a black hole, this is a godsend. Simply attach the tracker to your keys and use your smartphone to locate them. Losing keys and being a little unorganized is a common trait of ADHD, so this is a great, functional idea.


2. Handbag organizers/pockets
organizer-bagTrying to find something your seemingly bottomless bag is not only frustrating, but can be a challenge. We mentioned that being unorganized and losing things is one of the main problems with ADHD, but this is a gift that will not only help, but will also look pretty funky too! Coming in all different colors and patterns, simply pop this inside your handbag and organize your belongings in the pockets. Easy!


3. Rechargeable phone battery pack
adhd-gadget-nycThis is a great invention for anyone, regardless of ADHD status. Forget to charge up your phone? No problem with this small and portable battery pack, which you simply plug into your phone to give you extra charge. Most smartphones are compatible too.


4. Aqua notes
never-forget-ideasForgetfulness is another trait of ADHD, and when something pops into your mind, that you must remember, it can just as easily disappear out of your head, which causes frustration, and obviously the thing you remembered being easily forgotten. These notes stick to the shower wall and when that chore you need to remember pops into your head mid-shower, scribble it down!


5. Filofax
adhd-helping-toolBeing organized is a great plan of action when it comes to living with the effects of ADHD, and having it in a phone isn’t always so easy, especially if you run out of charge, or lose said phone! A Filofax makes it easy to organize your day, with to-do lists, and tick lists to follow. They’re also quite cute, in different colors and sizes!


6. Armchair organizer
armchair-organizerDo you find that famous black hole also extends to the remote control? The sofa cushions seem to have a habit of eating said remote, and again, we’re looking at being organized. This handy over-the-arm-of-the-chair organizer keeps your remote, phone, and anything else you want to not lose right when you can find it, in easy reach whilst you’re engrossed in a film.

You’ll notice that many of these gifts revolve around organizing life and avoiding forgetful moments. While there are many other effects of ADHD, if you can tackle these, with thoughtful and fun gifts, then you’re certainly well on the road to helping your loved one this festive season.

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