Trifecta Health Medical Center in NYC offers various treatment options for depression, such as TMS Therapy, Ketamine injections and even Botox cosmetic.

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Depression is a dark condition. For someone in the grips, there seems to be no hope, no positivity and nothing to look forward to. Some may dismiss the condition as simply feeing ‘down’, however the different degrees can range wildly from short periods of feeling low, to long periods of time when a sufferer feels little hope for the future and no reason to carry on.

Thankfully, nobody need suffer in silence.

There are many treatments available for depression, and a whole host available at Trifecta Health, from caring, knowledgeable staff, who treat a sufferer as a whole, and not just aiming at one problem.

Most people assume the only treatment available is tablets, such as anti-depressants, and whilst these are very effective for many sufferers, and are often the first thing to be tried, they don’t work for everyone. This is where the other treatment methods come in very handy indeed.

TMS therapy, Ketamine and even cosmetic treatments, such as Botox injections NYC, can all help with the often debilitating symptoms of depression, and can be discussed with the individual, to find the best tailored method for them.

There are a wide range of psychopharmacological treatments available, with discussions to find the best for the individual concerned, but also more holistic treatments, such as TMS. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation involves passing small radiowaves into the brain, and targeting the part of the brain responsible for mood. The waves then help correct any imbalances and restores harmony.

Sound good?

Another offered depression treatment is the use of Ketamine. This relatively new method of depression treatment is now offered a simple outpatient procedure, and has been hailed as a likely breakthrough for depression that has been resistant to other treatments. So there is hope!

Anyone with depression will tell you that low self-esteem and depression go hand in hand. A poor self-images impacts badly on how we feel, so another possible treatment is the use of Botox. Dr. Fruitman use Botox treatment for depression at Trifecta Med Spa in New York. Sound strange? Well if you can improve how you feel about your appearance, you improve your positivity and mood, which in turn helps with depression symptoms. Easy when you think about it.

As you can see, Trifecta Health and NYC Psychiatrist Dr. Fruitman offers many different treatments for depression in Downtown New York, and with a range available, there’s bound to be something for you. If you’re struggling with feeling low, depressed or hopeless, then don’t suffer in silence, help really is closer than you think.

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