TMS depression treatment could help those with eating disorders activate connections in the rewards and cravings regions of the brain.

TMS and BulimiaWith the rise of stick thin celebrities in the media these days, it’s no wonder more and more people, both men and woman, are striving for the impossible. This, in its worst form, can lead to health problems, such as eating disorders.

Bulimia is on the rise, whereby sufferers go through periods of severe binge eating and purging behavior, ending in a feeling of extreme guilt, which leads to them making themselves sick, to relieve the guilt and obviously bring back what they’ve eaten. This has severe impact on general health and is a vicious circle that is increasingly hard to break.

No amount of help will ever be easy with conditions such as this, but there are medications, therapies and treatments out there to help sufferers beat the condition and go onto live a happy and healthy life.

One of those treatment, currently under development for treatment of eating disorders such as bulimia, is TMS. Transcranial magnetic stimulation, or electrical stimulation to give it its easier name, has been shown through recent studies to be effective in the reduction of bulimia symptoms. Often used in the treatment of depression, when medications have failed, a recent study of 20 patients with bulimia yielded encouraging results, with six patients showing fantastic response.

So how does this work?

Well, electrical stimulation involves a large magnetic coil being held over the skull – don’t worry, it’s completely painless. The frontal lobes of the brain are targeted, which are next to the area stimulated for depression treatment, and this results in changes in the electrical current, stimulating and affecting behavior patterns. All of this is of course temporary and further sessions would be required.

Before TMS can be used as an accredited treatment for bulimia, more tests and research need to be done, but help is on the horizon, and that in itself is hugely encouraging.

Article written by Trifecta Health

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