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It’s Like Living in Hell?

There is a saying that if you have depression it’s terrible, but if you have anxiety and depression together, it’s akin to living in hell.


Would you agree?


If you have ever suffered from both then you will know that it really does feel like there is nowhere to turn. Every single day is filled with doubt, upset, worry, dark thoughts, and clouds which never seem to lift.

Do You Life Your Life in Constant Anxiety?

Life can be a stressful business, and there are times and events which occur and cause us worry. For instance, if you are at college and you have a series of important exams coming up, it would be totally normal to spend a little time beforehand worrying about them. Another example could be if you have an upcoming job interview, and in the days leading up to it, you become anxious and have trouble sleeping. These issues should pass once the event has also passed.


There is a line however when anxiety becomes abnormal. For instance, if you find yourself worrying constantly for no real reason, you find that you are always overthinking, coming up with worst case, ‘what if’ scenarios, and that your mood is taking a turn for the worst as a result, this is not a normal case of anxiety.

How Suboxone Can Help You Kick The Habit

Substance abuse is not a subject that many people feel comfortable talking about. That could be because they know someone who is addicted to a particular drug, they have been an addict in the past, or they are with someone, or have a family member, who is currently in the midst of substance abuse patterns. Basically, this is a subject which has a huge stigma attached to it.

That stigma needs knocking down.

The biggest barrier to someone getting the treatment and support they need is the fact they feel unable to reach out and ask for help in the first place. If this stigma wasn’t around, if people didn’t feel this way, more and more people suffering from the grips of addiction would be able to free themselves and get back to a healthier, happier, and brighter life.

It can be done.

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