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A Season of Smiles?

IWith the cold weather currently at our doors, you might think it ridiculous to start thinking about the summer months. Time moves fast however, and before you know it, we’ll be baking in temperatures you can only dream of at this time of year!

Summer is a fantastic month, full of fun and sunshine glows, but is it that way for everyone?

We’re always told that getting a good dose of sunshine vitamin D is just what the doctor ordered but for those who are in the grips of depression, summer is just another reason to feel there is no hope.

We Need to Talk!

If you’ve seen the news or read a magazine these days, you’ll know that depression and anxiety are two of the most common problems amongst our society. It’s highly worrying how many people are suffering with these conditions, and most of them haven’t sought out help to minimize and solve the problem either.

It’s terrifying to think that the person sat next to you on the bus could be so low, so down, that they’re considering something unthinkable. It is entirely possible, but what is the answer?

The answer is to knock down those walls of stigma and to make talking about depression and anxiety far more commonplace.

Can Mindfulness Help With ADHD Management?

If you are suffering from ADHD, you won’t need anyone to tell you how upsetting and distracting the entire condition can be. ADHD affects everything in your life, including your job, your relationships, and the amount of control you have over everything you hold dear.

Here at Trifecta Health, we have years of experiencing of helping people just like you. We have a range of treatment methods available, all delivered under the watchful eye of Dr Edward Fruitman. Of course treatment also starts at home, and there are many self help methods which can work hand in hand with more formal treatment options.

 Have you heard of mindfulness?

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