BLOG It’s The Most ... Indulgent Time of the Year?

The festive season is upon us, and that means that we are apparently free to eat, drink, and be merry as much as we damn well like. Well, that works in theory.


The problem with being indulgent is that there is always a payment to be made at the end of it, and it’s not usually in the way of cash. Indulging too much during the festive season is likely to show itself in the form of excess weight by the time January rolls around, as well as making you feel sluggish at best.


What does this do for you generally?


Not a lot of good, quite frankly.


Not only do you see and feel the pounds, but it makes you feel pretty bad about yourself at the same time. Put simply, the time after the indulgence is when we start to head off on a downward spiral.


Here at Trifecta Health, we are only too aware of this issue, and we speak to so many clients about this very problem. Of course, you want to go out and enjoy yourself, you want to indulge, and you want to have a good time, but there is one word that should always be kept in the back of your mind – moderation.


Chant it to yourself if you have to, but this word is what is going to save you from January blues and excessive weight at the end of the New Year chimes.


There is a reason that so many gyms are packed during the first month of the year, and that is because we throw caution to the wind during the last two weeks of December, and we pay for it in so many ways come January. While no one is telling you not to enjoy yourself, if you’re wondering how you can have the best of both worlds, we have some handy hints and tips for you.


Moderation is Key

The thing is, you can do whatever you want in life, within reason, if you remember moderation. You can drink alcohol in moderation, you can eat cake and chocolate in moderation, you can party in moderation – basically you can enjoy your festive season in moderation. Remember this word and the best of both worlds is yours.


One Drink, One Water

When you’re out at a party or gathering, and everyone around you is drinking, you might feel pressurised into keeping up, but you simply don’t want to end up in a state at the end of the night. You are thinking along the right lines here, but it’s not as easily said as it is done. A good trick here is to go with the one drink, one water rule. For every alcoholic drink you have, indulge in a glass of water next. This will not only fill you up so you basically don’t drink as much, but it will save your wallet or purse a little damage too.


Portion Control

Meals at this time of year can be large, because again, we throw caution to the wind. Enjoy your meals, eat what you want, but remember portion control. For everything bad, have something good. Remember to pile up your plate with vegetables and salad, and try your best to stick to lean meats and basically anything not fried. Just because it is the festive season, it doesn’t mean that your good work for the rest of the year has to go out of the window completely. Remember that word we were talking about? Yep, moderation!


Enjoying moderation but keeping your mind clear is not the easiest of things, but if you can manage it, you will reduce the effects come January. If however you are struggling with long-standing weight issues, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have a range of weight-loss treatment options for you, and it doesn’t have to be January to begin!