adult-adhd-nycADHD seems to be surprisingly under diagnosed in adults in New York City and thus under treated.  So many adults struggle with ADHD in silence thinking it is just them or they are doing something wrong- when in actuality there is a real issue at play that has several treatment options that can dramatically improve the quality of life experienced.

Trifecta Health in New York City is a leader in the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of ADHD in adults. So how do you know if you genuinely have ADHD?  Of course a professional evaluation is the only way to be certain but there are a few common things that adults with ADHD do:

  • Do you find yourself putting off mundane tasks like unloading the dishwasher or folding laundry until you have no clean underwear or no clean silverware?
  • Do you go online to do one thing for work or school and before you know it are sucked into endless YouTube videos?
  • Do you let your car get down to “E” and pray you can make it to the gas station?
  • Do you look forward to spending time with friends enjoying leisure activities then feel guilty because you did not accomplish your “need to do” list for the day or week?

These are common behavior traits of adults with ADHD- of course if you put off matching socks it does not mean that you have ADHD it may just mean you don’t like matching socks.  The key is when the behaviors negatively impact your personal or professional life- once behaviors do that- it is time to address them with a professional.

Trifecta Health in Manhattan NYC has many treatment options and the clinicians are experts at tailoring the treatment to the individual.  As everyone is different, everyone needs an individualized treatment plan to achieve the best results possible.

Treatment can include support groups, talk therapy, medication, and other behavior modification tools to support you as you adapt to living with ADHD.  Trifecta Health’s practitioners will work with you as an individual to find the best options for you.

Once a patient has experienced effective treatment they often cannot imagine how they managed before treatment; it truly can be life changing.

Often, people report feeling better about themselves, improved performance at work, less stress at home and reduced feelings of depression.  So often people with ADHD blame themselves and think it is their fault- that they are just lazy failing to realize that there is a genuine issue to be addressed.

Call Trifecta Health at (212) 233-2830 to arrange and appointment with one of our highly trained and experienced clinicians if you are at all concerned about adult ADHD.

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