How Adult ADHD affect your relationship and how to manage it

Relationships, in which one of the partners has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, can bring the worst of times together.  So, if you feel pain and anger in your relationship, is time to wonder more deeply about the cause of that behavior or negative thoughts.


The primarily step in this manner, will be to identify symptoms and the cause of the problems. Most of time the partner without the symptoms suffer the most in that relationship.

If your partner has ADD/ ADHD, you may feel ignored and lonely. While they try to manage their social life and all the frustrations from it, you will feel pain and disagreement between two of you. If the case of cause is that both partners have ADD/ADHD, then your area of communication will be lacking of misunderstanding, a lot of disagreements and frustration.

If the descriptions sound familiar than your relationship are suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. They key it is to work on your symptoms of ADD/ADHD, and also ask for help in Trifecta Health Medical Center from top ADHD doctors in NYC. Our specialist can help you in eliminating the ADHD symptoms away, of course if you will maintain frequency of your appointments with your specialist.

One of the issue in the relationship with ADHD person is that in the beginning of the stage of the dating  your date can be overactive, and you can explain it through being all or nothing in that relationship.

Another difficulty can be “walking on the egg shell” the partner will get the feeling of frustration of not meeting the expectations of partner who are suffering from ADD/ ADHD. No matter how hard you try, you can’t maintain connection of intimacy for long time.

Fortunately, that can be held if you not postponing or brush it under the carpet.  The first step is to face with that reality and understand that the treatment will benefit not just you but all the lovely people in your life.

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